Packing sucks

OK. It's 5:25am now, and it's starting to get light outside. I made a quick run down to Palo Alto at around 2am to drop off a mobile phone at Centerscore, raced back up here, and began to pack. It's 3 hours later now, and I've packed all of my dive gear, camera gear, and video gear. All that's left is my clothing, and I have roughly ... no more space -- and this is with three check-in bags. :( I guess I'll be doing a lot of laundry while I'm in Bimini. :)

A few photos, before I finish packing: 1) from my parents' visit last weekend, 2) from lunch at Burrito Real with Mandy, Elliot, and Wendy, and 3) from a first-meeting with Jean Shi, the daughter of the guy who survived a mountain-climbing accident with my mother during college (only she and he made it down alive after a typhoon hit). It was really nice to meet Jean, even though it can be a little bizarre to meet the kids of family "friends" we've been hearing about all our lives. :) [see some photos]

Shit. I forgot that I have to fold laundry, too.