Dive Magazine, July 2003 Cover

Hey, cool! I just found out that I got the cover of Dive Magazine's July 2003 issue! People have been writing to congratulating me, but I didn't know about it and was pretty confused. I mean, I was interviewed for it, but I thought it would be just a little spread somewhere. :) The same thing happened with the EPIC photo competition; in fact, I have still not heard a peep from them, which is just bizarre.

Also cool is that footage of me swimming and photographing great hammerhead sharks and caribbean reef sharks is featured in Dive Magazine' Shark Issue DVD (shot by both John McIntyre and Jim Abernethy). Jim dropped it off when he came by to see Doc and me yesterday (the Shearwater happened to be in Bimini, so he drove his little 15HP zodiac eight miles to the Sharklab, and then to the North Sound. He is insane. :).

PIT is winding down, which is a little sad. We have our last day of tagging tomorrow night (I'm not going -- I'm on the home team), followed by a few days of other activities. I'll be back in the States soon!