Back from Sharkland

me, trying to be artsy

Fresh water showers. Who would have thought that they would be such a luxury?? I'm staying here in West Palm Beach with Jim and Anna, and they told me that I could take one for as long as I wanted to. :)

I miss the Sharklab, and I really miss the people there. The thought crossed my mind today that that I should harrass Doc to try to get a longer gig there, but I'm pushing it out of the realm of possibility for the time being because I have intermittent plans until the new year.

I'm not really browsing the web anymore. It's actually quite nice: I have no urge to do anything online other than check world news and the ongoings at a few of my friends' sites. I hope I can keep this up! In related news, my inbox has grown to over 300 messages now. It's hopeless...

I feel distant from my friends and family on the West Coast. I need to see them.