Feather Dusters and Zoe

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I met Walt Stearns today on Jim and Anna's boat. We went for two 70 minute dives together and bumped into seven enormous loggerhead turtles and three enormous green sea turtles. It's too bad I was equipped with a 100mm macro lens! Jim and I had agreed to shoot macro today because the conditions weren't so great for wide-angle photography yesterday and the day before. Walt kept telling me, "it's like bringing a knife to a gun fight," and he was right. Oh well. That's how it goes. :)

However, I did get some pretty pictures, even if my subject matter wasn't very exciting. Some of these photos are in the class of photos that can be described as shots that only non-underwater-photographers like. The colors and form are nice, but there is no interesting subject from a marine-life perspective. "Where's the shrimp? Where's the crab?" marine photographers will ask, just before I smack them in the head with the nearest blunt object. There is no damn shrimp, and there is no damn crab! It's just color, and form! I'm not angry. It's just a basic disagreement over aesthetics. :)

Finally, you can see a video (298Kb, Windows Media Format) of Zoe (Jim and Anna's macaw) and me, talking in the shower. By the way, I absolutely hate my voice in that video. I sound like... I sound like Kenny, when he is talking to a girl, except that I'm talking to a bird.