Nemo, Car Failure

I went to see Finding Nemo with the other Eric tonight. What a fantastic movie! I loved every minute of it. Well, except for the moments when the 500 little kids in the audience would talk/babble/stomp/clap/cry/etc. We should have gone to the 10pm showing. :) Also, who would have know that it would be 60 degrees and blustery in Daly City! I was still dressed for Bimini: shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops. Wrong move. I suppose the cold was a welcome change from the incredible heat the last two days have given us.

My car died on the way back from the theater. We were on 280 North just after Cesar Chavez, and luckily, the car coasted along over the hill, stopping in the space between the freeway lanes and the Cesar Chavez on-ramp. It would have been horrible to have stopped in an actual lane! Stupid cars. My fuel gauge read 1/8 full, but it felt like I ran out of gas. I guess I'll find out on Monday when the dealership calls me. Eric and I sat in the car until Mr. Tow Truck came. Thanks for your patience, Eric! And thanks to Jeremy for picking me up, afterwards. :) [see some photos]

Jim Abernethy called and left a message today. He said that Zoe has been repeating my name non-stop. He said, "I've been with him for 11 years and he still hasn't learned my name!" I guess he likes me. :)

Also, congratulations to Elliot and Mandy, who were both mentioned in Business Week for winning a student design competition!