Mo' Music

I think I am adapting. My arm hurts less, and the little blister on my pinky went away. I feel like I'm in shape again, although I surmise that it is likely just an illusion. There is no way that three days of playing will overcome months of sloth. :)

It's been loads of fun to be playing again, especially with such inspirational and helpful coaches. Sabrina, Sheila and I are being coached by Stephen Prutsman, Ruggero Allafranchini, and Alberto Parrini, and we're really getting a lot out of it. We should be in good shape to perform a movement or two by Sunday.

No one recognizes me anymore. When Heidi saw me the other day, she looked away because I look so different! When I walked up to her, she did a double-take, gave me a hug, and exclaimed, "I saw you and thought... who's that Indian guy?" hehehe.

I'm too tired to write anything else. Have to be up in 6.5 hrs again to start another full day of music. :)

Oh, and something totally random. Wendy and I bumped into Marcia Lisi, an old friend from junior high, while out in the Mission for dinner yesterday! We used to carpool to school. It was nice to see her looking happy and healthy. :) [see today's photos]