The mockingbird is back. I hate it.

How do people handle getting back from working late (or whatever) and only having an hour or so to "catch up" on all of the little errands that have to be done in a given day? I don't get it. I've only had an hour and a half so far to do all the things that I have to do, and as a result, I will slip even further into sleep debt tonight.

We had another wonderful day of music. There was a masterclass at 7:00pm that a few of the groups played in (including mine!); these masterclasses are valuable because they are the only opportunity that we have to be coached by faculty who are not our regular coaches. It is also an opportunity to hear the other groups before the final recital.

Afterwards, Barry hosted a little get-together at his place in the Stanford SARS quarantine area (it sure is quiet around there!). Fergus wandered around wide-eyed hoping that someone would make him roll-over for a snack, and I got to know some of the participants a little better.

Time for bed. [see today's photos]