Pool Party!

After another day of coaching, Barry, Warren and I met in Campbell Recital Hall to take some photographs for the St. Lawrence String Quartet's upcoming tour/concert flyer. Barry's idea was to photograph an open violin case with the violin in it along with all of the things that violinists like to keep in their cases. Violinists are messy! We cellists don't put anything except for rosin, music, extra strings, and maybe an endpin holder in our cases. :)

Afterwards, we drove over to Jack and Ray's place, where a pool party/barbecue/chamber music reading evening was in progress. It was the perfect venue for a relaxing evening. With sun, food, music, and great company, what else could you ask for? Oh. I know: a buck-toothed fiddler/canary violinist who can play with her violin on top of her head. Dawn Harms is very, very entertaining. :)

I spent some time getting to know the Hermes Quartet, who are extremely nice and talented. However, the quartet members do have names that are nearly impossible for English-speakers to fully digest, like "Müge Büyükçelen." :) [see today's photos]

When I arrived home, I did some computer troubleshooting and discovered that one of the drives in my video machine died. It's just dead. And since the two drives in the machine were striped, I have to reinstall the entire system. Luckily, the machine started acting strangely a few days ago and I backed up all of the important files. :)

Hmmm. It's 12:58am, and the mockingbird just started singing. The stupid bird has an amazing internal clock!