Post-concert festivities

After the reception, a few of us met up at my place to enjoy a meal courtesy of Ruggero and Geoff. Ruggero Allifranchini's spaghetti carbonara is to die for. Make sure he cooks you a meal if you ever encounter him in your musical endeavors! Geoff make a delicious basalmic vinegar vegetable-bake-thing, which left small chunks of charcoal on the bottom of my oven. I'm currently trying the "Clean" feature, but I'm not sure if will work. I may just have to in there with something to scrape it off. :) Anyway, as usual, good food + good company = a great time. And, as I am discovering, for those of us lacking aldehyde dehydrogenase, Pepcid + alcohol = a great time as well. :) [see today's photos]

A side note: The Hermes Quartet went to the "GuestHouse" at 555 Haight to check in before coming over, but discovered a vile den that they could not imagine spending time in -- especially with expensive instruments in tow. The web site makes it look like a fantastic place for the money (it is cheap...), but the quartet was almost speechless with horror when talking about it. They are now checked in at a hotel near Union Square. :)