Workshop Concert

With 160 minutes of music (not counting time in-between performances!), the chamber music recital today was truly epic. Performances started at 2:30pm and didn't end until 6:00pm! All of the groups were fantastic, and the level of playing was very high -- especially considering that the vast majority of the groups are "amateur" musicians (like me!).

I had a fantastic week. Playing music again so intensely has reminded me of what it used to be like when I was playing all the time. Sheila and Sabrina were really rewarding to play with, and I wish I could make music with them regularly. Unfortunately, my schedule makes it impossible. :(

One week is just not enough for workshops like this. It took me the full week to start to get to know some of the participants! I need another week to cement potential long-term friendships. Oh well. I suppose that there is always next year... ;)

And, of course, this workshop would not be possible without the coaches, and Beth Youngdoff. A special thanks to Geoff Nuttall, Barry Shiffman, Lesley Robertson, Alberto Parrini, Dawn Harms, Stephen Prutsman, and Ruggero Allifranchini! You guys rule. [see today's photos]