7135 R.I.P., Hermes Quartet

The mockingbird is three minutes ahead of schedule tonight. He started singing at 12:57am. I think he might have moved, though, because his song is not as loud.

I replaced my Kyocera 7135 Smart Phone with something that doesn't stretch out my jeans. The thing was just too damn big, so I ventured out to buy something on eBay (I normally only sell) and ended up winning an auction for a police repo-'ed Motorola V60c. It had all sorts of funky names in the phone book, but I was too afraid to call any of the numbers. :) Anyway, the phone turned out to be defective. And because I have to ship out the 7135 tomorrow, I was forced to buy another phone. I reluctantly purchased a LG LX4400; I didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me. I had an aversion to color screens on mobile phones because the T720's interface was too slow to be usable, but this one fixed the speed problems. It's nice and snappy, and the voice quality is good. :)

Enough about phones and stuff. I was ready to hit the sack this evening when I received a call from the Hermes Quartet and decided instead to hang out with them while they had dinner at the Bagdad Cafe (I had eaten dinner earlier with Geoff and Livia). All of them were hungry after just having left a 3.5 hour coaching with the Kronos Quartet. Unfortunately, the Hermes leave San Francisco tomorrow to drive back up to Canada; I am happy to have had a chance to see them again! [see today's photos]