Trash on the streets

I'm in New York. New York is cool. Well, except for the heaping mounds of trash on the streets every night.

I got in late last night, and Joechang picked me up from the airport in his 400HP beast of a car and drove me back to his place on the Upper West, where I will be staying while I am here. He took me through Long Island City on the way back to avoid the $6 bridge toll, because recently, all transportation-related costs in New York have risen astronomically: the subway costs $2, and parking tickets are $110! This place is insane.

I hung out with Rachel and Joe for awhile at their place, and then took off downtown to meet up with Pat. It's ironic that I am staying at Joe's place, because Joe and Rachel will be in San Francisco staying at *my* place starting today. We're swapping residences. :)

While in New York, I don't feel the need to run around checking out museums and local sights. I just want to see my friends. I had lunch with Justin Kestler today (the Editorial Director of SparkNotes) and took a few random photos of us with my shiny new LG VX6000 phone (the Verizon dude gave me an even trade for my 2-day-old VX4400). It seems to work fairly well if there is enough light, but low-light performance is abysmal. I can't wait until the cameras in these phones start to get better. For now, I'm just happy that I can snap a shot and e-mail it to someone instantly.

A continuation of the boring narrative of my day: After lunch, I walked back to Pat's place for a bit before heading back up to the Upper West with her and her cousin (via the Apple Store and a few other shops that we took refuge in during the 20-minute thundershower that flashed by). Ahhh, how novel rain in the summer is. :)

We had yummy New York-style pizza at Patsy's. I love New York pizza. [see today's photos]