David Katz, Tony and Ai-Jen

David Katz is cool because (among other things) he was the one responsible for getting me the 2-page PDN spread this month. I don't know much about PDN Magazine, but he says that all professional photographers read it, and that it's quite a feat to be featured in the magazine. "No one gets a two page spread!" he exclaimed. I have yet to see it on the shelves of a bookstore, however. Everyone still seems to have the June 2003 issue in stock. I should probably buy some when I see them. David and I went to Coffee Shop to have lunch and to stare at the pretty people, and then spent much of the afternoon being photo dorks. We were being really dorky, and it was fun, dammit! The studio at Arnold Katz Photography is pretty amazing. If you need any studio work done in New York (book covers, product shots, portraits, jewelry, etc.), you should definitely give them a call.

In the evening I met up with Tony, Ai-Jen, and a bunch of their relatives at Josie's. It seems that I am good at coming into town when these family gatherings are happening. The Taiwanese community is really small. Here's an example: I know Tony because our fathers have been friends since they were teenagers. Tony meets and starts dating Ai-Jen. Ai-Jen's father... or mother? went to college with my mother. Shoot. It was clear to me last year, but I can't remember now. But this sort of thing happens all the time with new Taiwanese-Americans I meet. Somehow, all of our parents know each other. [see today's photos]