Miami Beach and UW Photo Reunion

I had originally planned to stay in New York for a full week, but with $70 JetBlue fares to Miami, I decided to swing down here to finish off the week, instead. I spent most of Tuesday in Ft. Lauderdale; i picked up SharkLab buddies Alan Reeve, Melissa Yencho, and Marta Calosso at U.S. customs at the Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, and we drove Melissa to her hotel and Alan to Miami International to catch a flight to London.

Man. I live in all these weird bubbles that have no intersection between them. I sometimes envision myself as a hamster in a bunch of little plastic spheres. The only problem is that none of the spheres connect with each other, and none of them have "the answer" in them. Every once in awhile a portal opens up in the plastic sphere I live in, and I hope in, entering another enclosed plastic sphere world. Yep. Hamsters and plastic spheres.

After dropping Alan off, Marta and I drove to our hotel in Miami Beach to check in before heading over to the Gruber residence to dine with Tim Calver and Marie Gruber. Check out Tim's photos. He is currently a National Geographic Fellow and has an artistic touch that I really would like to acquire myself. While I was over there I fixed Doc's computer. It seems that I'm always fixing computers.

We spent most of Wednesday roaming around Miami Beach and taking crazy infrared photographs. The infrared photographer within me has been dormant for some time, but I feel it awakening -- and it helps to have a model around who is comfortable in front of the camera. While lounging on the beach, we cut up a mango using Marta's slightly-rusty dive knive. I loooove mango. Marta has a weird phobia of pigeons, so we had to keep throwing things at the ones that approached. I hit one of them twice with little shells, but it didn't even flinch. Too bad there weren't heavy rocks around.

At 7:30 we met the UW photo crew at Mondo's for a little reunion (it took us over an hour and a half to get there from Miami, but it was worth it). In attendence: Andy Sallmon, Douglas David Seifert, Jim Watt, Anna Abernethy, Jim Abernethy, and Ronda Allen. I get to see most of them individually every once in awhile, but it was so great to see them all again in the same room. Jim and Anna tell me that Zoe still says my name all the time in the shower. At least they'll never forget me. :) [see today's photos]