Jeremy's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Jeremy! I hadn't seen Jeremy in months. It's not his fault, though. I've just been out of town a lot. Jeremy made chili, lasagna, and cobbler, which we devoured with wine and ice cream.

There were a lot of people I didn't know there, and I *still* don't know some of them. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet everyone, and my short-term memory is getting pretty crappy with my old age. ;) It was good to see Munira; I hadn't seen her for months either. And it was also nice to see the folk that I only see at Jeremy-events (Toli, Catherine, Ruth, and Betsy). [see some photos]

I'd also like to embarrass Jeremy for a moment and show a photo of him with a HUGE FRO, taken just two years ago. :)

And finally, for those of you at the party who wanted to see what I shoot, go here and click on either "Underwater Photography" or "Travel Photography."