Trio Reunited

Ben and I went over to David Park's place to practice piano trio repertoire for a wedding we're playing this Saturday. Dave was a Steinway snob for 20 years before he discovered that Bösendorfers are wonderful pianos and can be had for half the cost of a nice Steinway. His new piano is very nice. :) He, Ben and I have been playing chamber music together since 1997, although we've all taken the last few years off from each other. While we were playing, Dave stopped and turned to me:

"You sound good! You sound a lot better than you did before. Cuz... cuz I remember how you sounded."

And then he stopped. I wasn't sure how to take it, but that's the way Dave is. I had forgotten, and it was actually quite refreshing to see that he has not changed. :) Oh, and Dave is a wonderful player. Those of you who are local to the Bay Area and were into the kiddy classical scene here probably heard him play ten to fifteen years ago.

Other photos in this entry include photos of food and of Elliot, who dropped by today between checking out residences in the city (yay!!). I've been busy these past few days. Haven't even seen any friends, really, and have been distracted when people call me. I'm glad Elliot stopped by. [see some photos]