I'm sorry I haven't been responding to e-mail or to general invitations to fraternize. I've been tired, busy, and I'm doped up on Lariam. But I'm trying to see people on my way to and on my way back from things.

And if I don't see you in the next two days, it will have to wait until late August or until mid-September. I won't have any e-mail access from August 2-25. I'm going on vacation with my family, and as usual, my house will be like a hostel while I'm gone -- which I like. I just wish I could be here to hang out, too. :)

But if you want to write me anyway to tell me how you're doing, I'd love to hear from you. :)

Actually. If you're out there, leave a comment. I'm at the same time attention-phobic and attention-philic. Funny how that can work.