Brain... not... working

Spent a day in Los Angeles, hosted by Aaron and Natalie Logan,which was very nice. And just because I was in L.A., instead of walking, we drove two blocks from their place to have lunch at a local cafe. :) After that, Aaron and I went to the Getty Center to check out the photography exhibits, which were neat because William Eggleston, one of the photographers on exhibit, shot photos that look very much like the work that Wendy does. I want to write more, but I can't. My brain isn't working. It hurts.

In LA, had dinner at Din Tai Fung, with Rosa, whom I hadn't seen in years. She looks like she is doing well.

Took a break from packing today to accompany Wendy to Pier One Imports to return something, and in the parking lot, I kicked a pigeon. The thing didn't even try to dodge my shoe -- and believe me, it was quite a half-assed kick: just a small deviation from the normal path my shoe would have taken.

Afterwards, had ramen (at a restaurant, dummy!) with Vienna and Jim. Vienna's new CD is finished, and it is *quite* good. Start counting the days until its release! (in 5-6 months or so) :) [see some photos]