Journal rendering problems

Sorry about the problems on this page. My server people are trying to fix it. It's some problem with the new PHP install not liking require(), and it's manifesting itself as missing parts (the entire right sidebar). :( I hope it fixes itself over the next week while I'm out with great white sharks!

*Update* - Have found a work-around for the journal problem. It's not elegant, but at least the page renders. I hope they fix the install.

While I'm blabbing about computers, I am now deleting spam without looking at it (it gets deleted at the server level so my webmail doesn't get cluttered!). I get far too much spam to be able to skim through it periodically without becoming mildly angry. And while this makes e-mail a bit more unreliable as a means of getting a message to me, the extra sanity points bestowed upon me by this minor change more than makes up for it. :)