Odessa Chen

What a wonderful "last day" at the house! I spent the morning running errands, and spent the afternoon with Gabe Trop, Mandy, Elliot, and Tammy, one of Gabe's friends. Gabe's disappeared in Europe for years, after spending time in Berlin on a Fulbright (the last time I saw him was in Berlin). He has finally returned to the States, fluent in both German and French, and passable in a couple other languages. In any case, it was fantastic to see him. It's just like old times... sort of. :)

What is it about female singer-songwriters that makes them so alluring? Odessa Chen came over tonight to give a house concert for about thirty guests. She sang with a wonderful voice, sending over us ethereal, sweet melodies with warm guitar accompaniment. I like her style. And, she was really nice. She has a CD for sale, if you are interested.

I've had a few "getting old" moments over the last few years. Two years ago, I pulled a muscle while stretching before practicing martial arts, and today, my right knee started hurting -- probably as a result of running up and down my stairs a hundred times, trying to move out of my place.

Bill Rivard and Dave Patchen assure me that it's all part of what will take me from my age to theirs. ;)

Finally, photos from today --> [see some photos] (special thanks to Adam Tow for taking photos)