I met Mr. Syndromes at Vienna Teng's show in San Diego last night. He is very well represented on his website. In fact, he looks exactly like this. Too bad he's not up north. I'll bet some interesting things would happen if he started hanging out with Dardy. Also present was Moonpuddle, but I didn't get a chance to meet her.

At around midnight, we were standing there (Vienna, Syndromes, my sister, and me) outside of Twiggs Cafe in University Heights (where Vienna had just performed), and as a car drove by with tinted windows slightly lowered, one of the passengers yelled, "Fudgepackers!" (and there weren't even any sparks between me and Mr. Syndromes!) "It's good to know that bigotry is alive in San Diego," Wendy said, as we all started to laugh. Vienna, in her trademark innocence, just looked confused. ("What?") :)