APAture Opening @ Kearny Street Workshop

Four of Wendy's photos are being shown at Kearny Street Workshop as part of the 5th annual APAture gallery exhibition. Elliot, Lilli, and I joined Wendy at the opening on Tuesday night; I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I ended up enjoying the show a lot. They did a good job with the installation, and I bumped into Elliot Loh and Ardith Ibanez, both of whom I had not seen for years. Oh yeah, I also said hi to Marilyn the clothing designer, whom I met a couple of times with Amabelle. I don't think she remembered me.

The APAture site doesn't really say how long the exhibit will be up, but the "main event" is scheduled for September 27th, so I'm assuming that it will be up until at least then. Check it out, if you have a chance to! [see some photos]