Nomadic Life

I've been a pseudo-nomad now for three weeks, and so far it has been absolutely fantastic! I'm not really a nomad, since I'm still at my place a lot, working and hanging out with Elliot during the day, but I think that I will be away more and more as the year progresses. And thank God for people like Emile, Vienna, Geoff and Livia, Wendy, and a countless others who have offered me lodging. You are all so supportive. :)

My tentative schedule, for those of you who are interested:

Sep 20-21: Santa Barbara, for Peter's wedding
Sep 21-24: Back in SF
Sep 25-28: In Austin, visiting Dan and Andy
Sep 28-Oct 3: Back in SF
Oct 3-6: In San Diego
Oct 6-8: Back in SF
Oct 8-16: Miami/West Palm Beach, for DEMA, etc.
Oct 16-19: Back in SF
Oct 19-Nov 3: London, Plymouth, Antibes
Nov 3-Nov 6: Back in SF
Nov 6-15:Galapagos
Nov 16-20: Roadie on tail end of Vienna's tour

There ya go. Please call me when I'm in SF. Otherwise I might not see you for awhile. :)

Notes, so far:

1. I am happy!

2. I am tired!

3. Someone mentioned the word, "dating," recently. I realized that I don't know what that word means, really. But that's ok. My sister told me that I'm the most content single person she knows (as in, I'm just fine when I'm single -- I just do my stuff). Hopefully it won't be like this forever. :)