Torrey Pines '93 High School Reunion

Photographs from my high school reunion are up: [candids] [portraits] (Thanks, Shawna!) Some people look really, really old. Time definitely treats some people better than others.

I was told via e-mail that it was Adrian Kulinski who defaced my cardboard cut-out. It's strange that he would do something like that, as we were sort of friends during high school. What he did turned what might have been a nice keepsake into something relatively useless. I guess his actions don't surprise me that much; if I had to guess who did it, he'd be the first on my list. I'm currently looking for his phone number, and will be giving him a call soon. He lives down the street from Andy Manson, so it won't be that hard to track him down. Hmm... doing a google search for "Adrian Kulinski" shows that I have complete control of his web presence. What shall I do? :)

I was excited about going to reunion before seeing the photos, but now that I've seen them, I'm not so sad that I missed it. Although... it would have been nice to chat with some of the people who were there. I'll have to track them down some other way.

*Update* - I just called Adrian, and he apologized for what he did. He said that some other people were doing it, that he didn't think I'd want to keep it, and that he didn't remember what he wrote on it. I suppose the combination of alcohol, a pen, and a life-sized cardboard cutout is bound to lead to bad things. :)


New topic: Let's say, for argument's sake, that you wanted to save one of the photos in that reunion site linked above. There are a few methods: 1) take a screenshot and cut the image out. 2) look in your temporary internet files directory (I couldn't find it here). 3) view the HTML source of the page (through the menu, since they disable right-click), find the URL that renders the image, and open it. That will get you the .gif file. Download the .gif file and open it in an image editor that supports animated .gifs. The first frame is transparent (they really are trying to protect these images!), so if you open it in Photoshop you get nothing. ImageReady works well, though. Trash the first frame, and resave the file. There ya go. :)