Peter and Karine's Wedding

Peter and Karine, September 20, 2003

On September 20th, Beverly and I drove down to Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara to attend Peter and Karine's wedding. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and both Karine and the wedding itself radiated beauty and happiness. Allon was funny; he stood up there, a nervous groomsman; a casual observer might have assumed that *he* was the one about to marry. :) The ceremony was short, and Peter showed a nostalgic slide show he had put together featuring both of their lives (separately), and then their life together. The "young" ones had a great time at the reception until the bar closed at around 1am. Emile, Beverly and I walked on the beach for awhile to sober up and to let the day's event settle before driving back to the cheapie hotel where we were staying.

A beautiful wedding -- one of the most beautiful I've seen. Maybe it was because I've known Peter for ten years? It's great to see him so happy.

There are photographs, of course. [public photos] [private photos (passworded)]