Nov 16, 2003 - Vienna Teng Tour: Atlanta to Knoxville

After my somewhat ludicrous flight that took me through Ecuador, Miami, San Francisco, Houston, I finally ended up at the Atlanta airport. Vienna picked me up from the airport in her trusty Chevy Cavalier (which fits her keyboard on models with a folding rear seat) and we took off northward towards Tennessee. On the way, we stopped by briefly to see Amy Norris, a very nice woman I met after the DEMA conference in Miami in October. A few hours later, we finally arrived at Barley's Taproom in Knoxville, TN. After seeing Vienna open for Shawn Colvin, it was really strange to see her play at a sports bar loosely attended by a few locals. Nevertheless, the show did draw out a few diehard fans, with whom we socialized for a bit before leaving to find a hotel. [see some photos]