Nov 19, 2003 - Vienna Teng Tour: Nashville to Louisville, KY

The Parthenon, Nashville. Bizarre!

Vienna performed this evening at the Rudyard Kipling, a nice little place in Louisville, Kentucky. David Barnes -- who seems like an exceptionally nice guy -- opened for her, and there was a fairly large turnout for the show. Unfortunately, there was no one to work the door, but I was happy to do it. David's girly-fan contingent showed up in strong numbers in the beginning, and left one-by-one during Vienna's set.

There was an evening of jazz in the adjacent room, where local musicians took turns playing with each other. Vienna decided to sit in for a few songs, which turned out to be really wonderful! I want to hear her sing more jazz in the future. :) Everyone perked up, enjoying the rare treat of a good singer joining the local group of musicians (who were very good). Ken Pyle, the bar's owner, was a revolutionary type guy, and kept talking about keeping the Constitution alive despite what is going on in the government these days. I told him that I photograph sharks, and after that, he kept telling everyone that I was "saving the sharks." ;) [see some photos]