Bunch o' photos

Had a wonderful few days in San Francisco, thanks to my sister Wendy, the Greenwoods, Benjamin, Eric, Elizabeth, Alex, the SLSQ, my "roommates" Elliot and Mandy, Vienna, and Clara.

AND DEN, I got into the car with Geoff and drove down to Orange County through the horrible holiday traffic and through the morons on the road who insist on driving in the left-hand lane when they are not passing. It took almost nine hours, but we made it in time to get Geoff to the hall before the concert (which was wonderful, even though it was in a bizarre venue for a string quartet performance). Steve and Hiro came up from San Diego for the concert, and we (+ Livia and her friend Karine) ate at Oki Doki before-hand. I love that place. In fact, we all went back after the show for some more food. ;)

blah blah blah. [see some photos]