Gathering in Twin Peaks

December 2, 2003 - My friends are so cool. Somehow, being out of town so much has made my time in San Francisco with my friends more social, and more intense (you know, since I sleep over at their places all the time. :). We had decided last week to have a little dinner gathering at Geoff and Livia's place, but what I didn't know is that they would turn it into a not-so-surprising surprise birthday party! (the surprise was foiled because no one else knew how to get in touch with Emile and Zhenya. hehehe). Livia cooked up a huge Indian feast (it took her two days), and we sat around listening to music and chatting. Even my sister showed up for awhile! Somehow, she always has things planned when we gather at Geoff and Livia's place. Also present was the elusive Jim Batcho, who allowed me to take photos of him eating before retreating home to finish some work. Heidi drove up from the South Bay after finishing a final, and Emile, Zhenya, and Clara all stayed out late on a weeknight. Thanks, guys. :) [see some photos]