Tony and Ai-Jen

November 30, 2003: On Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, our family drove up to Orange County for Tony and Ai-Jen's reception. Tony and I have been friends since we were little kids, and I'm very happy for his happiness with Ai-Jen. Many of their friends flew over from New York for the banquet, and it was obvious from the evening (or, "the program," as Ting and Scott kept calling it) that the participants were used to organizing gatherings and events. :)

Ai-Jen was dressed in a white dress for the first part of the reception, but changed into a beautiful, traditional red dress not long into the evening. As she walked by, I overhead one of her friends (joking, of course): "Is that Ai-Jen? She's hot! Is she taken?" Speaking of their friends, it was plainly obvious that the two of them have really touched the people they surround themselves with.
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