Hot and Humid

I'm sick of sharing.

I think it's just a phase, however, because I'm sure that I'll be posting a big trip report with hundreds of photographs as soon as I return to the States. :)

Someone got mad because I said that Taiwan smelled. I edited the post... because... well, I'm not sure why. But just because. :) But you cannot deny that there are some bad smells in Taiwan. Even the area between the airplane and the terminal smelled.

My time on airplanes can be depressing; it's the only large block of time I have to really reflect on what's going on in my life. I wrote a bit in my journal between my flight from Taipei to Bali, and it was actually quite depressing, for some reason (issues with music vs. photo, which have been at odds with each other... and some other stuff). Strange to have depressing thoughts when the public view of what I'm doing is so "perfect" -- or so I am told by everyone who says that I am living a dream life. Of course, these people are the people who only see the superficial aspects of who I am. I do appreciate what I have and what I'm doing very much. But the real problem is that I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm only happy because I've postponed all thoughts around figuring out what I'm going to do "when I grow up" in order to pursue photography for the short term. So at least I have some short term goals.

It is quite hot and humid here. I spent the last two days in Ubud, up in the "mountains" of Bali, where I had probably some of the best and worst food I've ever eaten (we're still recovering from the spicy chili). The tourism industry here is suffering, and many of the areas we've been seem almost empty. My travel buddy, Dave, was bitten by a macaque yesterday, which was pretty exciting. I have a picture of the entire exchange. :) It's been disinfected, but he's feeling a bit "achy." I hope it's not because of something the monkey gave him.

OK -- it's back to the hotel for me. We're flying out to Sulawesi tomorrow for 14 days of diving at the Wakatobi resort. I can't want to see the pygmy sea horses! It's also mola mola migration season through Balinese waters. I hope to see them, but I'm not sure if they are found where we're going. [Oops -- I think what I read was wrong. People here tell me they migrate through here in the summer!]