Pygmy Seahorses

I have a fever. Something has been going around the guests and staff here, but it seems to be something like a 24-hour flu and it goes away relatively quickly. However, I'm not taking any chances, and am taking the day off from diving.

Speaking of the diving, the reefs here are the lushest I've ever seen! Pristine coral growth covers literally every square inch of the walls we have been diving, and the possibilities for macro photography are endless. I saw my first pygmy seahorses; it's hard to appreciate how small they are until you actually see one. We've seen both the smallest and largest species so far, and even the largest ones are significantly smaller than a typical pinky nail.

A pair of pygmy seahorses at Waiti Ridge

I'm also impressed with the way Wakatobi is run. So much energy (and money) goes into working with the local population to conserve the reef, which is every dive resort's primary asset.