Galapagos Exhibition Opening, San Diego - Dec 28, 2:30pm

Hello, guys. I will be showing photos from the Galapagos at an exhibition in the San Diego Taiwan American Community Center from December 28 until the end of January. The opening will be held on December 28th at 2:30pm. Please come, if you can! You can show up anytime in the afternoon, until gallery close (6pm, I think?) [more info]

a preview: most of these photos were taken in the galapagos

*UPDATE - DEC 28* I've posted some photographs from the event. Thans you all so much for coming! We packed over 100 people into that little gallery space. :) It was really nice to see friends and family there: all of my extended family living in the States (except for Wendy, who is off in Hawaii for the new year), Eryn Roston, Teri and Norm Hamson, my old neighbors the Sullivans (Brian, Shawna, and Mom), Angela Filose, Mr. Syndromes, Sven and Moonpuddle, Nick Abadilla, his wife Nancy, their super-cute daughter Sophie, Oliver/Melissa & Mother Miao, Mel, James Wiseman and Sarah, the Tarng family, the Fans, Doug, who came to my last show, Didi, who is a new acquaintance somewhere out there on the web, Wen, who joined us for Thanksgiving dinner, James, who was with us for dinner on Christmas Eve, and Stephanie and Jennifer, whom I both met on Christmas, and the rest of you who have been so supportive over the past year. [see some photos]