SD: +7°F

It's 39°F outside. Isn't it supposed to be warm here?

dusk in del mar. the two blips up top are venus and a passing airplane.

I apologize to those of you I've been neglecting (but you're all busy with the holidays, anyway). I've almost literally spent all of my time here so far assembling frames and preparing for the opening tomorrow. I'm going to have to get up "early" in the morning to put together slides for the 2:30pm lecture on underwater photography. A warning: it will be very basic with regard to actual photography techniques, so don't come until 3:30pm if you are already an established photographer. :)

I've been wearing the coconut shell necklace Pamina gave me for a few years now, but I think I misplaced it while I was in Indonesia. I feel naked. :(

It was Mandy's birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday, Mandy! I'm glad we're all growing "old" together. :)