Kensington Pocket Mouse Pro, and why it sucks

I've been looking for a little travel mouse for a long time. I finally settled on a Logitech MouseMan Traveler, which I like a lot (I've always liked their mouses). Before the Logitech, I had a Kensington Pocket Mouse Pro -- the one that has a retractable USB cable, which I thought was a nifty feature. My Dad uses a Kensington as well. Unfortunately, there is a fatal flaw in the Kensington mouses I've tried that makes them impossible for me to use: the Windows XP driver makes the cursor jump to the default button on popups -- possibly one of the most annoying features in Windows computing today (a couple more: 1) modal dialog boxes that force their way to the top, grabbing focus, and 2) the lack of a Windows key on IBM Thinkpads). I can't tell you how many times I cancelled things on accident. With the Kensington mouse and Windows XP, you can't change this behavior for some reason. So... no more Kensington mouses for me. Anyone want it? :)