San Diego Holiday

A whirlwind trip to San Diego over the holidays! I like sentence fragments.

Although much of my time was spent with the extended family, a considerable amount of time was spent putting together frames. I'm quite good at it now, and am pretty sure FastFrame would give me a job if I wanted one. ;)

I'm glad I got to see some old friends (and some people I hadn't seen in ten years) while I was in town.

I haven't felt like being social lately. I haven't even wanted to talk on the phone (apologies, if your calls have gone unanswered), but I hope that things will improve as I start to tick things off of my to-do list. I think it's because I've been asked, "what are you up to these days?" by about 100 people in the last week. I have no canned answer, so my brain strains weakly everytime it happens. Strangely, I was interviewed by two newspapers for my photography "career." So sometimes I tell people I'm a photographer. I think I'm just going to tell people I'm unemployed, from now on.

I was glad to spent an evening with Sherry and her cute Siamese, "Stella" (although, the kitty has been renamed "meow-meow" by Sherry's mother recently). Sherry was made-up in preparation (trying it out to see how it would hold up) for her upcoming wedding, and she looked very pur-ty. Unfortunately, since we were in North County San Diego, we had to sit at Starbucks with the local teenagers. Not that there's anything wrong with being a teenager... ;) [see some photos]