I spent time today with Mike Strasser, Elliot Sather, Jim Batcho, Cindy Yu Emura, Chris Emura, Geoff Nuttall, and Livia Sohn. Thanks, guys. I feel better now. :)

Geoff, Elliot and I (and occasionally, Livia) have been playing Return of the King on PS2. It rocks.

Some people have been saying that the scene in the movie where Legolas climbs up the oliphant is really cool, but I really didn't like it, or the other scenes like it in the other two movies (the "boarding down the stairs" scene, and the "using one arm to flip onto a galloping horse" scene). I'm not saying that Legolas doesn't kick ass. I just think those scenes looked stupid and fake.

Now all of the girls who love his cute elf-ness will probably hate me.