Random Gibbering

So maybe I've been a little grumpy lately. So what's it to ya? ;) BTW, no EXIF data for awhile. BreezeBrowser is still acting up. It's like a good friend becoming deathly ill. Not a good feeling.

People have been asking me on a daily basis, "so what did you do today?" It's a normal question. I ask it, too. Sometimes I answer, "it's been crazy!!! i'm running around trying to get stuff done!!!" Note the creative use of multiple exclamation marks.

...but I might also answer, "nothing, really."

I guess both are correct. None of the things I'm doing are really important in the grand scheme of things, but to neglect them all collectively would be doom.

I'm feeling better. Mostly. Part of my grumpy state had to do with the 50-item to-do list that I'm slogging through. I'm mostly done catching up -- except for getting through my e-mail inbox, which has become a nightmare now that some spammers are actually spamming people *from* my address. Anyway, I can breathe more easily now that I'm actually looking forward instead of backward.

In between all of my frantic running around, I've been getting out to see friends, which has been wonderful. My house -- I guess I get to identify with it once again, since I've logged so much couch time in the past week -- drove up to some trails just north of the Cliff House and hiked around. It was a beautiful day last Sunday, even though it was too cold for my tastes. [see some photos]

Ate at Eric's, on 27th and Noe with Vienna and Jim and had Mitchell's ice cream afterward. Ate at the local Thai restaurant with Henrik, from Wakatobi. It turns out that he lives a block away from me. (small world!). Ate some fake Korean at Hahn's Hibachi with my sister. And den had the Best Deal Ever lunch special (with coupon) at Hamano Sushi (with the sister, again). And had Mango Cafe for dinner tonight with Heidi. Are the new owners Chinese? We walked in, and the waitress bowed to us. And she bowed to us again as we were leaving.

"I'd like some jerked joints, please." <bow>. Weirdness.

There were many pretty yuppies walking around Palo Alto. I saw a cute hapa girl with her mom. That was nice. OK. I'm going to go to sleep.

Oh yeah! I caught up on the trash TV scene at Heidi's place tonight. She and her roommates are addicted to various shows. We watched "Real World" and then "The OC," which I had never of. TV is cool. You can just sit there and let it suck stuff out of your brain.