Dell Inspiron 8600 Secondary Modular Bay Battery

The Dell Inspiron 8600 Secondary Modular Bay Battery.

Has anyone else out there had an INSANE time trying to find this part? It is not on their website, even through the typical searches one might do to find it. Even though I normally try to avoid talking to sales people, I finally called in, after e-mailing support and having them fail to point me to it. The phone number they gave me consistently routed me through infinite call-center hell, and finally hung up on me (several times). I tried all of the numbers on Dell's website and finally talked to someone in the Dell Systems sales area, who sounded like SoundBlaster. He was very nice, though. After 20 minutes of listening to him talk to himself (reading off each letter he was typing), he finally found a part that sounded like the one I wanted, but it was for the Inspiron 8500. I hope it's compatible with the 8600.

Here are the details, if anyone is interested:

Dell Secondary Modular Bay Battery for Inspiron 8500
or Lithium Ion 48Whr Additional Battery for Modular Bay, for Dell Inspiron 8500
SKU# 312-0102 | Manufacturer Part #2P725

*UPDATE* - A Dell person just told me this: "The part number for the secondary battery for the Inspiron 8500 is 0M787. You can request this part directly from Dell Spare Parts by calling 1-800-372-3355."

So what is it that I just ordered?