Mac Nerds, Unite! Macworld 2004

Ahhh, MacWorld: a geek haven where Windows users can go to lust after monochromatic, shiny hardware. I like to look, but I hate touching. It taints that special geek/hardware sparkle that Macs have when I start to actually use one. [see some photos]

I had a great time hanging out with Adam Nash and his family. I asked whether he would mind if I posted photos online, and he never got back to me; I'll take that silence to mean a yes. :)


  • The classic 1984 ad, now with iPod.
  • Seeing the XServe RAID. I want one.
  • Using the new Apple bluetooth mouse and realizing that it sucks and is laggy -- probably because there was a huge line of them right next to each other. Bluetooth clobbers everything in its frequency range because it doesn't check to see if there is traffic on a channel before broadcasting. Bad decision, Apple booth people.
  • Seeing the diversity of people in attendance.
  • Seeing the homogeneity of people in the tiny gaming area.
  • 1) Start the new iPhoto (it has 25,000 small images). 2) Double click on an image. 3) Click the crop button. 4) Watch the little multi-colored "thinking" disc spin and spin for at least one minute. To be fair, successive crops were adequately "fast." But WTF is it doing when you click that first time?

Anyway, it was fun. I saw David Pogue just before the end of the show (he used to plug PocketSynth in his talks, and wrote about it in one of his books). I wanted to say hi, but he was surrounded by adoring admirers. So I took a picture, instead.