Where I've Been

Since everyone seems to be doing this:

Maps of where I've been -- as of Jan 2004

You can make your own, too. I couldn't remember if I had been to some states in the U.S. Look at that big swath of light olive green in the center! (Yes, Norm, that's what color it is.) I'll be adding red to the world map this year, but probably not to the U.S. map. :)

*UPDATE* My father tells me that I have also been to the following states when we lived in Wisconsin: "As far as where you have been is concerned, you have been in Michigan, Ontario, NY state (Niagara Falls), Maine, New Hampshire (Acadia National Park), Massachusetts, New York, and Washington, DC during one of our trips while in Wisconsin, On our migrating way from Wisconsin to San Diego, we went through Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California."

I think some of those states are missing in my map above.

Did anyone else copy the images over to their own server? I was afraid that they'd suddenly decide to swap the maps for ads. :)