And off I go!

Thank you, Cindy, for hosting me upon my return from San Diego. Thank you, Adam and Carolyn, for exposing me for the first time to American Idol and Scrubs. Thank you, Syndromes, Kristin, Sven, Adam, Diana, Teri, Norm, Eryn, Gabe, Wendy, Shiloh, Rhette, and Elliot for seeing me before I leave. I'll be back soon, anyway. :)

And now it becomes apparent
why Syndromes goes to
the Green Tea boba place...

At Sony NetOps, SOCOM II
monitoring center: Sven
, Kristin, Syndromes, and
Syndromes' friend. I'm sorry!
Sorry! forgot name.

Adam, Diana, Teri, Norm
(lookin' short!), and Eryn

Berkeley-ites Gabe,
Wendy, Shiloh, and Rhett,
in front of Marni Thai

One more thing: if you're planning on coming to Vienna Teng's Feb 29th CD release show in San Francisco, you should probably get tickets soon. Come see her sing! I'll be there with my cello, too.