Bye bye, sharks

Here are two extremely depressing articles on fish and sharks. Sharks are on their way out. Good bye! Please stop eating shark fin soup, people. 1. Sharks suffer population crash (nature)

> *"Oceanic whitetip sharks, once the most common shark in the world, are almost completely extinct, according to a new census in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the past 50 years, their numbers have crashed by more than 99% in the Gulf. Researchers think the same drop has happened around the world..."*

2. Rapid worldwide depletion of predatory fish communities (nature)

I was feeling a little hypocritical because I ate kangaroo tonight at Eight Mile Creek (which I do not recommend. the food was not good.). I worried, "what if their numbers are in tremendous decline?" Then, I did some web research and discovered that they are "harvested" in such a way that population levels are not adversely affected. AND, they breed like rabbits. ;)