Robot Stories

How the !#&@ do people get non-work work done around here? I have several responsibilities I have to deal with outside of what I'm doing at work, and I feel like I'm procrastinating for a college paper. I've been getting home from dinner at around 11 or 11:30pm every night, which gives me roughly half an hour to unwind before I have to go to bed if I want to get a good night's rest.

Pat has been quite the social coordinator lately. We (Pat, Liza and I) went out to the premiere of Robot Stories tonight; it's a collection of four related shorts by half-Korean director Greg Pak. Two of the evening shows were sold out, and it was great to see how much local support there was. (You should go see it when it hits your town, if you want to support Asian Americans in cinema.) The vignettes I liked the best were the more emotional, human ones. The film was fun to watch, but I thought it showed promise for the director more than being a strong, stand-alone film.

Afterwards, we took a cab up to Hotel Gershwin for the after-party and discovered a long line out front; apparently, the club was already filled to capacity! I'm not a big fan of waiting, and I have in fact never waited to get into a place. I usually just turn around and leave (there's also a high likelihood that I've been dragged somewhere if it is the type of place that has a line out front). But then Bobby showed up, and since he knows Greg, when Greg showed up, we were let into the club without having to wait in line. I actually felt rather guilty. Bobby is a friend of Pat's, which means that I was let in because I was a friend of a friend of a friend! That's far too removed to be treated preferentially. I didn't introduce myself to Greg. I'm sure he's heard it all, anyway, and he should be celebrating with people close to him. There were many, many people at the party. An unusually high percentage of the people there were extremely well-groomed, with well-thought-out hair styles (especially noticeable were the nicely groomed guys -- a rare sight, normally). Presumably, they were part of the New York Asian acting circuit.

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As usual, I didn't know anyone but the few people I came in with. Most of my friends aren't the going out type, I guess.

I'll stop rambling now.