Huge nerds

[16:25] eric: well, come over anytime.
[16:27] vienna: will do. :)
[16:27] vienna: i'll finish this "session" of uploading, and come over.
[16:28] eric: sounds good.
[16:29] eric: I'll "query" you again soon.
[16:29] eric: HAHAHAH
[16:29] vienna: oh lordy
[16:29] vienna: i don't know if my semaphore will be working
[16:29] vienna: but i'll have a thread waiting :)
[16:29] eric: You can "join" me later.
[16:29] vienna: okay, i can't beat that.
[16:29] vienna: :D
[16:29] eric: hahah
[16:30] eric: we're dorks.

Also, I put some photos up of her playing in NY this morning.