Vienna Teng, Early Show

Another episode in my relentless plugging of Vienna Teng's music: she's playing with Jim and Marika on the Saturday Early Show on CBS in a few hours. She mentioned on the phone that they are playing at around 7AM EST, but the show isn't broadcast here on the West Coast until 7AM PST.

I just missed her at JFK this afternoon. The flight she and Jim took from Oakland was supposed to get in at 5:25pm; I waited there at gate 16 until 5:35pm, but then had to leave to board my flight at gate 7. Two minutes later, my phone rang. I guess her flight came in just after I left. :) Ah well. I'll see her soon enough.

Blah blah blah. It's good to be back in San Francisco.

*UPDATE* - I found some photos of the show. :) [see the photos]