Vienna Teng's Warm Strangers Release @ Borders

vienna teng @ borders

I've never seen so many people packed into Borders. (I'm told there were around 350, with CD sales well over the 200 mark) Vienna Teng's Warm Strangers release show last night was a lot of fun! She's got this local fan base that includes for some reason many people I know; it's always neat to see who will show up. As usual, her singing was fabulous, and her commentary, funny. She talked about violating fire code, and keeping the stairwell open in case we had to "flee." Choice of words has always been one of her fortes. ;)

I tried to take some pictures, but I wasn't very successful. There was always someone's head -- or a book -- between me and her. Ah well.

Afterwards, I caught up with Oliver, his sister, and Leighton at Pluto's before returning to Borders to help Vienna pack up her stuff. [see some photos]

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