A rare glimpse

I guess some of you have no idea what I'm doing. On the off-chance that you are wandering by here to find out, here ya go:

I'm finishing up a chapter for a book on advanced digital photography techniques. I'm practicing and rehearsing for Sarah's wedding on Saturday (in Scottsdale, AZ), and for Vienna's show on Sunday. I'm thinking about what I'm going to present about at the Boston Sea Rovers' Clinic in Boston next weekend, and wondering how I'm going to get my suit (it's a formal affair), my camera, my computer, my big bag, and my cello from JFK to my new place on the Upper West Side on Monday night. Once I make it to Tony's place, I should be ok. He's going to take me down to Pat's place, and then back up to the Upper West. Speaking of Pat, she's been a wonderful host and studio-mate so far in New York, and although I think we'd be able to get along living together for the rest of my time there, it's probably a good idea to move out. But thank you, Pat. You've been great. :)

I'm also doing all sorts of work on Wetpixel, as usual. During the week when I'm working a "normal" (albeit short term) job, I still put in 4-6 hours (or more) into Wetpixel every day when I get home, which has lately been preventing me from seeing everyone I want to see, both in the Bay Area and in New York.

In addition, FIVE of my friends have somehow found themselves in relationship trauma in the past month. The combination of all the shit that's been on my mind has been making me an anxious bastard. I sometimes manage to overcome it all and clear my mind when spending time with friends, but other times it's just overwhelming, and I start to get really stressed. So I apologize if I've been stressed, or if I haven't been responsive.

There it is. The state of Eric, in a nutshell. :)

OK, I just finished the chapter. I'll read it once more time in the morning and send if off before hopping on the airplane.

I should also thank Vienna, who has been keeping me company almost every day this week despite her crazy schedule (we both sit here at our respective notebook computers, tapping away). And to my roommates Elliot, Mandy, and Mike -- thank you for allowing us to rip up the living room, and for allowing me to impose, again. I've been having a great time at home, with you guys. :)