Level Orange

I gave out a journal account recently to a "Helen Chang," whom I've corresponded with a few times over the past week. Someone I explicitly want to keep out just used her account to get access to my private entries. "Helen" claims to be an ex-volleyball-playing, UCLA-grad who lives in the Bay Area, but I have no idea who she really is. If you see her around, say hi to her for me and take a picture of her, so I can identify her if our paths ever cross. (By the way, I'm really holding back here, if you can't tell.)

Incidentally, it was the first ever Craiglist posting I've responded to -- not a reply intent on the goal of dating (as we all know, I basically don't date. ;), but something about her post resonated within and prompted a reply.

Sorry, guys. It's going to be harder to get accounts from now on. I also went through and pruned some accounts. My criteria for deletion? Comfort. If you used a weird username and/or an e-mail address that I couldn't readily identify, you've been deleted. Some people I've never met remain, but the majority are gone. Please write to me if I've made a mistake.