Li'l Frankie's

at li'l frankie's

It was quite a nice evening -- a balmy 40 degrees or so, a relative calm before the supposed snows of tomorrow. Vienna Teng is in town to play Joe's Pub tomorrow night at 7:30pm, and luckily, her voice is back -- at least, partially. She sounds a little scratchy when she talks, but it's a nice sort of scratch. Tomorrow will be interesting; the audience probably won't get the purity in her voice that we're all used to. But I'll bet that she'll still be great. After all, she has been managing to get standing ovations, even when not singing, herself. That's some good performance talent. ;)

Tony, Ai-jen, Haeyoung, Vienna, Alan Lin (her violinist) and I had a nice dinner at Li'l Frankie's. We ate lots and lots of good food -- the portabello mushrooms, especially, were excellent. And I don't really even like portabello mushrooms.

When I woke up this morning, I had a brief thought, "maybe I'll be vegetarian today." And then I had a turkey cheeseburger for lunch, which made me feel mildly sick for hours. It must be Vienna's geographic closeness. For some reason, I get cheeseburger cravings whenever she is near ("the Viennasaur approaches!" Vienna says). [see some photos]

By the way, this is a photo of Vienna writing this journal entry. I like it when I can "see" one's surroundings when something is published or written. Not sure if it's neat for anyone else out there. ;)